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    About Us

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        Shenzhen Hua Tian Yang Technology Co., Ltd. - Company Profile

    Shenzhen huatianyang technology co., LTD., founded in 2003, with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, is a world-renowned provider of integrated solutions for semiconductors and passive components. Successively obtains yageo, chang, roma, kyocera, elegance, samsung, along the winding, silks, pulse, beauty beauty, on the day two, climbing, electricity, bamboo lloyds, long telegram distribution of the brands of the agency, services more than 600 world famous customers, mainly manages the resistor, capacitor, inductor, transistor, filter, the network transformer, magnetic components, diodes, TVS&ESD protection device components, etc. The distribution agent product line covers communications, household appliances, industrial security, automotive electronics, instrumentation, new energy vehicles, BMS, AI, liquid crystal display (LCD) and other high-tech industries, hua tian Yang technology continuously optimize front end marketing and logistics service team to cooperate, to provide quality products at the same time, more customers with a complete rapid product information service.

    Alex Yang technology at present the warehouse office more than 10000, the Hong Kong warehouse area is over 3000, existing employee 100 much people, to better serve customers, hua tian Yang science and technology in Hong Kong, suzhou, tianjin, chengdu, chongqing, zhengzhou, set up a branch in dongguan, hua tian Yang science and technology to broaden the multi-channel sales network, its electric business platform for electronic home has become a leader in the field of electronic electricity distribution platform.


    Chip capacitors: (YAGEO) Giant (FH) Fenghua Hi-Tech (SAMSUNG) Samsung Motor

    Aluminum electrolytic capacitor: (RONGJU) Wing giant electrical and mechanical  elegance

    Resistance: (YAGEO) Giant giant (TA-I) Dayi Technology (FH) Fenghua Hi-Tech

    Inductance: (Toprich) SUNLORD (Sun), Suning (FH) Fenghua Gaoke

    Second transistor: (LRC) Leshan Radio, (CJ) long electric technology  elegance

    ESD & TVS: (WPMTEK) Wei Pan Micro (DA) Electrical Technology   ESD

    Filters & Antennas: (YAGEO) SUNLORD Sunlord Microwave (HX)

    MOS & IC: (CRMICRO) CR Huarong

    Tel: 0755-83686170

    Fax: 0755-29490039

    Address: Bantian Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen Dafa Road 27, Long Wall Industrial Park, 4th Floor, 25



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